Empowering the photography business

Management is the key

Calotype covers all stages of the photography business, from the customer's data management to print. We improve your workflow to grow your business: Data management, QR Code, Classifying, Gallery proof, Email Marketing, Online photo sales, Print and much more...

No one size fits all

We understand the photography business is complex and vast. We are constantly developing turn key solutions for different niches to help you to succeed in yours: school, sports, daycare, dance, corporate, weddings, catalogue or portraits.

Less is not always more

You as a photographer can participate, manage and sell in one of the most profitable niches in the industry: high volume photography, with our specially tailored software.

Size doesn't matter

Whether it is 1, 10, or 1000 clients or items, our classification system helps you classify your photos in individual gallery proofs.

Customizable branding

Bring your branding to online and offline sales, invoices, emails, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Sell your photos with a responsive and friendly mobile interface.

How it works, simple!

Manage your database

Take the photos and classify them using the QR Code or our App.

Generate galleries.

Send individual emails or print proofs.

Get online sales.

Print with our partner lab or self-fulfill through your own lab.

Securely store and backup of your photos.


Be better… sell more

With Calotype at your fingertips, you will have access to technology to compete with larger studios, reach new clients, be more efficient in your business and ultimately, increase your revenue.

April is the new October

Access to ideas and marketing tools to apply the software in new ways throughout every season of the year.

We never stop

Shooting is your job. Innovating and developing is ours. Our team is always programming, improving, developing to give you more, to make it better.

The sky’s the limit

With Calotype you also benefit from our ideas resource centre which provides materials and training on how to use the software and improve your business opportunities.


Your stamp

Customize your branding, upload your logo and pick your colors, or add multiple brands!

Oh no you don’t!

Protect your pictures and customize watermarks

Á la carte

Create your own pricing lists and promotional packages


Classify your photos in individual galleries with the QR Code or our mobile App.

Focus on what you love

Save time with Calotype’s automatic invoice system and payment methods

Stay safe

Security and Encryption for all your galleries

Three's a crowd, four's a party

Multi-party workflow system with customized interfaces in all our solutions


Interactive final consumer interface, enriching the purchase experience.

Out of the Office Reply

Work from anywhere, it’s a Cloud based system

Here you go!

Transfer Files with our platform and allow your clients to easily download their photos.

Working with the best

Strategic alliances to provide Professional Printing to our photographers.

Track records

Keep your clients' statistics in one place.

All bases covered

Designed for prepaid, postpaid or free projects.

Follow up

Email marketing system to send to your clients, sharing and social media

Studio version

Manage your admin and photography team with permissions


Pick the best deal for you!

Photographer version

Let’s start!

$ 270 / year
or $25 /monthly
1 User
200 GB Storage
6% Calotype Fee *
14 days trial

You really enjoy working with us!

$ 594 / year
or $55 / monthly
1 - 9 Users
500 GB of storage per user
5% Calotype Fee *
14 days trial

The bussiness is growing !

$ 486 / year
or $45 /monthly
10+ Users
1 TB of storage per user
4% Calotype Fee *
14 days trial

Demo version


$ 0
2 GB of storage
10% Calotype Fee *

* plus Payment Gateway %

Calotype at a glance

Photographer Interface

Client Interface

School Interface