For no one is it a secret that the high-volume photography business is really profitable.

For example, in the school photography business, with an average of 500 students per school, a photographer could make around US $ 14,000 in sales per school, in a single day of shooting. Or, in the sports photography business, around US $ 20.000 in team and player photos, depending on the season and league. But these are the big leagues. How about small numbers like nursery schools and daycares? Easily, in those markets, photographers could make US$ 2000 in a day with 50 kids.

Let’s do the math

An average daycare has 50 children. Let’s say 60% of those parents will buy your photos (It is likely more, but let’s be conservative), because, who are we kidding, the smaller the child, the cuter the photos, and the more likely the parents are to buy them! (it is a fact that school photography sales decrease with age) And let’s say your average package is $80 (be creative and throw in some mugs and calendars!)

50 x 60% = 30 Children
30 x $80 = $ 2,400.

Minus commissions, and lab
costs, leaves you an approximate income of $ 2,000.

Just. in one day of shooting.!!

So, how do you make $ 2,000 in one day as a photographer in the high-volume photography business with CALOTYPE?

3 Steps

Find a daycare with a considerable number of children and potential clients. (Sell the school picture idea project with Calotype)

Prepare your pictures depending on the occasion: Halloween, Christmas, Fundraising Campaigns, Portraits, etc.

Manage your data and sell your pictures with Calotype. Try it, it is so easy!

You need more, of course. Talent, efficiency, precision, experience, timing, quality, and above all dedication.

This is the beginning of a series of documents on how to get started in the world of High Volume Photography.

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