The business of high-volume photography is not a complex universe within photography as some photographers think. It is a business where discipline, synchronization, creativity and appropriate tools such as Calotype can result in high levels of profitability.

We define the high volume photography business as the field within photography in which pictures of multiple clients have to be taken in a short period of time. An example is school photography, where the photographer takes x number of photos of 100 – 500 students (clients). Or a smaller scale example, a dance academy, where the photographer takes x number of photos of 20 or so dancers (clients). This niche includes events, sports, daycares, and even products that need classification, among others.

A multi-party business requires a multi-party solution.

In the school photography business, for example, there are three parties involved: the school which hires a photographer or studio to take annual photos; the photographer who takes the pictures and aims to sell them to parents or clients; and the parents or clients who are the potential buyers of those pictures.

Below we will list the most basic steps a photographer needs to follow to succeed in the business.

Get a high-volume photography client (School / Daycare, League, Etc.)
Define the business model (pre-paid / post-paid)
Business and marketing plan
Sign the contract

Create a comprehensive pricing list (digital and printing)
Build the client database
Define the creative style of the portraits
Prepare “Picture day”.  Practice is the key.

Use the Calotype QR Code and classification system to manage clients.
Edit and prepare the gallery proofs

Sell efficiently
Deliver in a timely manner

Calotype is more than a high-volume photography management software. It is an all-rounder solution which allows photographers and studios, to organize their clients’ data, classify pictures automatically and individually per client, promote their images with an embedded email marketing system, sell with our e-commerce tool and print with partner labs around the world, and so much more.

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