Steps to succeed in the high-volume photography business with Calotype.

In our previous article, “Introducing the high-volume workflow” shared on this blog, we listed some important steps in the high-volume photography business.

Pricing list 101 is focused on how these steps are integrated with Calotype to cover all the stages of the business and be successful, for example:

Creating a pricing list to sell your pictures.

There are many variables that must be considered when creating the price list, such as the prices of the competition, the value added to the product and the service, purchase power according to demographics, profitability per hour, etc.

Answer the following questions to prepare your pricing list.

Have you analyzed your competition’s prices? What do they offer? How could you improve that offer? With quality photos or prices? Both? What are the real needs of the market? What is the real value added of your product? What are the prices of your print lab? How much is your work value per hour?

Another factor to consider is demographics. When you get a school photography project, you will know their student profile. What is the average income of the area?  Do they typically buy school photos? Can they afford the pictures?

Once you have all these answers, configure your price list with Calotype. You can choose among our associated printer labs which are integrated into the platform or enter the laboratory prices of your choice.

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Download a free formula pricing template here

Create your own packages.

After you have decided what products you will offer in your product list including prints, paper types, gifts, pictures, mugs, digital photos to download, etc., you can create countless packages of your products as offers and discounts for better sales strategy.

If you want to practice, register for a free trial here.